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Welcome To RE³ Studios

RE³ Studios is an indie game development team working on creating a new game, Satus.


Satus (Latin for beginning/sowing) is a sand-boxed settlement management sim that’s heavily influenced by 3 games: Timber and Stone, Rimworld and Minecraft.


Currently, our only funding is being raised by valuable supporters, and all progress is being made by a small team of dedicated enthusiasts.


Our philosophy is that we do not want to charge for a game until we (and our community) are happy with it!

Welcoming All Settlers!

Help our development efforts by supporting us on Patreon!  Every little bit helps us offset our development expenses.  The more we raise, the more time we can spend on what actually matters, getting Satus in your hands faster!


We are a community driven game studio.  Join the conversation and help us make a better game!
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