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Welcoming All Settlers!

     RE³ Studios, an indie game development team, is in the process of crafting a captivating new game called Satus.

     Satus, which takes its name from the Latin term for "beginning" or "sowing," is a sandbox settlement management simulation drawing substantial inspiration from three renowned games: Timber and Stone, Rimworld, and Minecraft.

     Right now, we're getting our funding from kind supporters, and our progress comes from the hard work of our dedicated team.

     Our main idea is that we won't ask anyone to pay for the game until both our team and the community are happy with how it looks and feels!

Help our development efforts by supporting us on Patreon!  Every little bit helps us offset our development expenses.  The more we raise, the more time we can spend on what actually matters, getting Satus in your hands faster!

Support the team!

We are a community driven game studio.  Join the conversation and help us make a better game!

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