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  • Satus (Latin for beginning/sowing) is a passion project brought to you by ReCubed Studios combining our favorite parts of the colony management genre. Satus is heavily influenced by 3 games: Timber and Stone, Rimworld, and Minecraft.

  • Development began in mid-2018. We do not currently have a release date, but the team is working hard to prepare a creative Alpha (release TBD) that allows our dedicated community to tangibly engage in the world of Satus. In the meantime, we are active on our discord and can answer any questions!

  • The primary focus of Satus is survival and expansion of your settlement and characters, while game-play strives to make resources easy to manage, building fun and intuitive, and exploration meaningful. Originally our focus was to make a spiritual successor to a game called Timber and Stone but has since evolved into bringing you the best colony management experience that we can.

  • Good Question

  • Yes, anyone with coding experience is welcome to help out, while not a paid position currently we do have our revenue share agreement ensuring compensation for hours worked upon release and sale of the game

  • Our philosophy is that we do not want to charge for a game until we (and our community) are happy with it. We do ask that you share our Discord with your friends! We strive to make Satus a community-driven game and greatly value our community suggestions and input! However, if you are able and want to contribute to help minimize our expenses, we do have a Patreon page you can contribute to. Feel free to check it out at:

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