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Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiasts who came together to forge together the best colony survival game that could ever exist.  While we are a small studio, we are relentless in our pursuit of game development.  We're all chasing the dream, and that dream is Satus!


(Andrew Carl)

Elaixzar (pronounced el-aches-czar) joined the studio in 2019, and is the team lead for Satus. He is responsible for the day to day management of the team, as well as stitching together all the pieces of Satus. If anything goes wrong, blame him.

Team Lead
(Ethan Leavesseur)

Wendu has been with the team from the beginning. Trying early to extend the life of the game Timber and Stone, he was able to start a community that lead to the creation of this studio. While all of the other early members have come and gone, he steadfastly stuck around to see this project to completion. His focus is to maintain and grow the Satus community.

Community Builder
(Alvaro Guerrero)

Drakewolf is the second longest serving member of our team, and is the beginning and end to our game design. A pixel art magician, he can turn 💩 into 💎. He is responsible for the texturing and visual art style of the game.

Design Style Lead
(Alexander McGreal)

A jack of all trades when it comes to design work, HopelessDave is a vital part of our design team, able to knock out models, animations and textures before you can even blink - all one handed - while drinking a cup of tea. He is responsible for all entity models and animations.

Graphics Lead


(Siwei Zhang)

Greygoo is leading the charge on AI pathfinding and character integration. He is a dedicated and irreplaceable member of our team who is working on the most exciting aspects of the game!

AI & Character Developer
(David Jones)

ItsDavid2 is a developer working on our Satus project.  He's the brainchild behind our wonderful startup menu and loading screens!  We look forward to seeing his next contribution as he will soon be working on bringing the sound engine to life!

Startup and Sound Integrator
(Neil Millard)

NoddyCR is our server and multiplayer expert.  He's deep into the code to bring our community together into the same world!

Check out his book: Who moved my servers?

Server and Network Developer
(He who shall not be named)

K4su (pronounced Kasu) is a developer working on our Satus project.  Having successfully brought shaders (water) to our world.

Shader Designer & Quality Control
(Jim Elvers)

Boefjim is working on the entity selection programs so that you can eventually tell your settlers where to go.

Entity and Resource Developer
(Kyle Seidel)

kts230 is a developer working on our Satus project.  He's been working on programming some of the odds and ends as he juggles classes and projects.

General Developer
(Ryan Clark)

NegligibleNerd is a our newest developer. We’re excited about him join our team and we are looking forward to what he can add to the project!

General Developer

Sound Designers

(Tom Patterson)

POLAR is one gifted guy with an excellent ear for music.  We are extremely fortunate and thankful that he found us and was available to join the team.  He has a very bright future ahead of him, and we can't wait to jam to his soundtracks as we grow wheat and chase down goblins!

Soundtrack Designer
(Tyreece Roff)

Krystilize is a senior designer and jack of all trades.  He's put together some sample sound tracks and is currently exploring the design of a new game project.

Audio Engineer
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