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Saturday Satus Snacks #5: UI Renderbox

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when games show an animation in the toolbars?

There are several ways this can be done. Some games show pre-rendered video, while others show a live rendering of that image. "But Satus Guy", you may ask. "Who cares?" I'm glad you asked, because we care! And we suspect some of you may find this trick neat. In order to render two images in a world, they both need to exist in the same space. This has been done since time immemorial. How many videos exist on the YouTube that investiage out of bounds secrets in classic video games. Many. (We recommend the Boundary Break series by Shesez ) In our case, we put the UI camera VERY far away. How far? Look up.

"Hey Satus Guy," you may ask again. "Can't we see that in game then?"

Nope. There's a trick with cameras that you can filter out certain objects by just applying a layer tag. In this case, we applied a UiRender tag to the object so that only the UiRender camera see it. Want proof? Here you go:

So what's going on in that box anyway? Let's take a closer look:

We put the cube in a large room in the sky with it's own light. Quite clever eh?

"But Satus Guy," you may ask again. "How do you get the cube to rotate in the UI the way you do?"

We don't rotate the cube...

We rotate the camera :

"Haha, Satus Guy," you laugh. "But seriously though, when is Satus coming out?" And to that we say... That concludes Saturday Satus Snacks #5. See you next week!

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